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Sl. No. Complainant NameComplaint AgainstComplaint Category Complaint TypeAction Taking Authority
1Hospital Insurance Company(IC)Package RelatedPackage relatedNA
2State Grievanve Nodal Officer (SGNO)Hospital Fraud and Abuse RelatedFraud against BeneficiaryNA
3Hospital Insurance Company(IC)Claim RelatedNon settlement of hospital claimDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
4Hospital Insurance Company(IC)Certificate RelatedNot providing TDS certificateDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
5Hospital Insurance Company(IC)Hospital Empanellment RelatedDe-empanelment of hospitalDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
6Insurance Company(IC) Payment RelatedNon release of paymentDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
7BeneficiaryState Grievanve Nodal Officer (SGNO)District RelatedOthersDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
8Insurance Company(IC)Hospital kOthersDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
9National Health AgencyState Grievanve Nodal Officer (SGNO) OthersDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)
10Hospital Insurance Company(IC)Claim RelatedOthersDistrict Grievance Nodal Officer (DGNO)